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Parenting often means supporting our children through their intense feelings while we're in the middle of our own overwhelm! Being able to keep our cool well enough to help our child reset when they're really upset comes down to having the skills to meet their immediate needs and coach them through reliable coping tools. These graphics walk you through each step so you can feel confident providing high-quality emotional support even in the most alarming situations.

Parenting Works empowers parents to move beyond rewards and consequences to better understand development and attachment by healing their triggers and mastering concrete tools in limit setting, emotional intelligence, and using play therapeutically.  


Common concerns with which I help parents navigate are aggression, clinginess, resistance, defiance, tantrums, sibling issues, kids with diagnoses of anxiety or ADHD, and families with a history of trauma (such as adoption). Most importantly, I help parents heal their own relational wounds so they can parent in the present!"

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