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Parenting by Connection

A 6-week program to master the 5 essential Hand in Hand parenting tools

Presented by Sheena Hill,
owner of Parenting Works

Sheena is a passionate advocate for children, families, development, attachment, and trauma, and has been working with families for almost 20 years. Sheena holds Masters Degrees in both Social Work and Education, and extensive trainings and certifications in SPACE, Neuroscience, Strengthening Families Program, The Nurturing Parenting Program, Hand in Hand Parenting, and more.


For families looking for additional support and practice with foundational parenting tools, I use the Hand-in-Hand concepts to help parents understand the root of behavior, identify and meet needs, and master skills in effective limit-setting, using play therapeutically, and providing high-quality emotional support. The main goal of the group is to provide parents with the support they need in order to maximize the support they are able to offer their children. 


The program includes 90-minute sessions for 6 weeks. Each week, we will discuss a powerful parenting tool that you can implement right away. We will also share listening time, where everyone has the opportunity to off-load emotional work and receive support from each other. This enables consistent practice and helps parents boost their capacity for empathy and regulation. The cost is $500. The next cohort begins Wednesday, May 24, 2023 at 8 pm EDT.

In this 6-week virtual class we will cover

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I want to join the Summer 2023 Parenting by Connection cohort. Sign me up!

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