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Following a free 30-minute clarity call to see if it's a good fit for us to work together, you complete the sleep client intake paperwork and schedule your first session. 


Meanwhile, you can use the package tracking form (which I send when I receive your intake forms) to track your child's sleep for 1-2 weeks. 


We meet bi-weekly to make gradual changes for 3 or 5 sessions. 

*Which sleep package is right for me? 


The 3-session package is ideal for parents who have one child that needs to make changes with sleep and can address up to 3 sleep changes over the course of 6 weeks. 


The 5-session package is designed for families who have multiples or more than one child who needs support to sleep independently. Some families who have more intense needs or wants may not be ready to make changes immediately may find that this package best suits their needs. 

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