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Providing Holistic Education & Support to Parents

What is parent education?

Parent education is a service that empowers you to reach your full parenting potential. Through in-person classes, virtual workshops, and personalized coaching, you get the concrete skills you need (and the support necessary to master them) to make real changes in your parenting--experiencing less stress as well as increased effectiveness and enjoyment.

Parents and professionals can enhance their understanding of how neuroscience and attachment directly impact development and behavior while learning to set limits effectively, foster emotional intelligence and life skills, and use play therapeutically. Whatever parenting concern brings you here, I can help!

Many parents reach out and say, "I read this great book/listened to this inspiring blog but I still can't seem to do something different in the heat of the moment!" We live in an age where there are lots of resources for parents (many of which, I actually recommend), but there is a big difference when you  are working with a skilled parenting coach. An obvious benefit is that tools and support are tailored specifically to the unique needs of your family. The principal benefit, however, is that you learn how to identify and heal the attachment wounds and triggers you brought to parenthood so you can parent in the present rather than from the past. 

Who I serve:

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I work with individuals, couples, families, and groups, including bio moms and dads; step and adoptive parents; grandparents and other caregivers; LGBTQ+ parents; single, married, or divorced parents; small and large families. Any parent or professional who seeks resources and support on interacting responsively with newborns to teens will benefit from parent education. 


In-person services are available for families in MD and DC. Virtual services available worldwide.

About Me

My name is Sheena Hill, and I am currently in private practice as a Responsive Parenting and Holistic Sleep Coach. I am a passionate advocate for children, families, development, attachment, and trauma and I am honored to have been working with families for almost 20 years. I hold masters degrees in Social Work and Education and trainings/certifications in SPACE, Neuroscience, Strengthening Families Program, The Nurturing Parenting Program, Hand in Hand Parenting, child passenger safety, and babyproofing.


After nearly a decade in the non-profit world, I made the shift to private practice in order to begin homeschooling. I've been honored to help parents all over the world over the past few years as the business has grown. Thank you for trusting me with your most precious cargo--your family!


"Children do well when they can."

                                             ~Dr. Ross Greene

My Approach

I'm committed to methods that build on your existing strengths and enhance the relationships in your family. My work is deeply rooted in attachment theory* and informed by neuroscience and trauma-informed research because I recognize that focusing on child development is the key to understanding and reaching children. Through this developmental approach (instead of a behavioral one), I help families identify the root cause of undesired behavior. Understanding the essential needs and skills underneath helps us better address concerns in ways that cultivate relational safety and authenticity. This lens enables the most productive and sustainable growth for both children and parents because it anchors all tools in the inherent goodness and wholeness of children (and parents) and their capacity to learn and meet (or exceed) expectations when they have the tools and support to do so. 

*Not necessarily attachment parenting, which can often feel like a list of things to do rather than a route to secure attachment. 


What People are Saying

Les G.

"As a parenting coach, Sheena is always in my daughter's corner--not just saying things to please me. I know what she recommends is actually what my child needs which makes me trust her."

Jen K.

"I feel  so supported, seen, and confident working with Sheena for sleep coaching. It's a ton of support for the cost."

Christina G

Sheena is amazing! We had her visit our home to educate us on how to properly install our car seat; she also spent a lot of time teaching us the proper positioning for our little one as he grows in the seat. Her knowledge is invaluable and well worth the fee. I highly recommend her services!




Sheena M. Hill, Psychotherapist

Parenting Works

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"Sheena is knowledgeable, professional and personable. She really knows car seat safety. And her parent coaching is down-to-earth, research-based, and pleasantly dappled with humor and personal experience."

Amy Bryant
Wild Child Counseling, Atlanta GA

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